Handmade Simulation Leaf Garland Welcome Christmas Decoration


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1. This eucalyptus leaf wreath can be displayed throughout the spring and summer, it never thaws, always stays green and creates a pleasant atmosphere all year round.

2. The vivid natural shape gives people an artistic and romantic feeling, perfect for those who love nature and want to take their children outdoors.

3. Made of silk and bamboo, durable and almost natural, with a long service life of several years. If you are looking for a special crown for seasonal decoration, this is the crown for you! Reusable, hand wash required.

4 This unique spring weave design wreath Rich green white artificial Flowers and full green leaves in a thick natural from base wreath to a natural touch to your home.

5. Each crown is handcrafted with great attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring a quality of design that cannot be found anywhere else.

Product Parameters

Material: cloth + plastic

Size: 44x44x8cm

Package: 1 * Wreath

color:green|size:One Size